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Transforming the security industry

Minnesota, Wisconsin private security protection specialists

Security Consulting

NTS consultants bring decades of professional security consulting experience that consistently exceeds our client’s expectations.
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Minnesota, Wisconsin private security guard specialists

Guard Services

Security officers with excellent customer service skills that you can trust! Our experienced officers use sound tactics, have excellent de-escalation skills and are highly trained to secure any environment.
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Minnesota, Wisconsin private security protection specialists

Executive Protection

Our protective service agents are highly trained and experienced in defensive and evasive techniques, keeping our clients out of harm’s way.
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Minnesota, Wisconsin private security protection specialists

Investigative Services

NTS is committed to offering our client’s the highest quality of security and investigative services designed to work within your organization’s unique culture.
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National Tactical Security, Integrative Security Services

Minnesota, Wisconsin Private tactical Integrative Security ServicesAt NTS, we provide integrative security services, offering expertise that address today’s security challenges. We are based in western Wisconsin, where we have developed an admirable reputation throughout the security industry.

Our experienced team of professionals provide services that include,
executive protection, guard services, investigative services, conducting security assessments, creating emergency response plans, and providing emergency response training for any emergency you may face. We do not utilize a “one size fits all” approach. Our customized approach addresses the specific needs of our clients.

Our diversely trained and experienced workforce enables us to offer you unrivalled security services, with the utmost discretion and professionalism.

Our clientele includes Fortune 500 companies, corporate buildings, retail businesses, schools, places of worship, gated communities, apartment complexes, and the protection of high-profile clients.

We are committed to providing the maximum level of protection our clients deserve!


Integrative Security Services To register for a CPR, First Aid, AED class, please click here.

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National Tactical Security
Why NTS?

We offer a wide spectrum of security, investigative and training services. Our experienced consultants will utilize their expertise to identify and understand your security challenges. We will create your Emergency Action Plans, train your staff and provide physical protection for your most important assets. We integrate our experience with current technologies and intelligence to address your security needs while continually demonstrating excellent customer service skills.

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