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Hiring Armed Security

Hiring Armed SecurityHiring armed security is a big decision, for any business owner or high-profile executive. Officer responsibilities should include understanding the Use of Force continuum, monitoring general surroundings, patrolling their assigned environment, regulating access control, identifying suspicious behaviors, having strong verbal de-escalation skills, having the ability to use defensive tactics when restraining aggressive people, and many other critical responsibilities that will keep you safe.

Your security company should be well versed in understanding your business operation and where potential threats may come from. Having strong customer service skills and excellent communication skills are a must. These skills are your officers most valuable tools when conducting daily operations and managing conflict. When serious danger strikes and people are at risk of serious bodily harm or death, your officers must be trained and equipped to take control of the situation.

Carrying a firearm for self-defense holds great responsibility. Carrying one to serve and protect those who are unable or not in a position to protect themselves holds even greater responsibility.

Be sure to conduct background on your security company by contacting references and researching past complaints. At NTS, we are grateful for the opportunity to serve and protect our clients during their greatest need. Our officers are trained, experienced, dedicated and committed to serving and protecting our clients.

When you have a need for armed security officers, give us a call and speak with our management team. We would be happy to answer your questions and see how we can best serve you!