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Guard Services

Minnesota, Wisconsin private security protection specialistsHaving experienced, well trained professional security guards is essential when identifying risks and reducing liability. At NTS, our security officers are trained and vetted to the highest standard. Our officers have specialized experience in providing protective services while ensuring a professional customer service posture.

We use a combination of proven processes, technologies, and training to determine the best solutions for your safety and security needs. Our officers are trained to identify suspicious actions and behaviors before a criminal act occurs, utilizing our proven Behavior Recognition & Response (BRR) tactics. Simply put, our officers have been trained to identify, address, and resolve an incident before it generates into a significant event.

Our officers will utilize professionalism and sound tactics within your operational environment. We are specially trained in verbal de-escalation techniques, access control, use of force tactics, responding to active threats, and are nationally certified in First Aid/CPR/AED.

When a criminal act occurs, we have the training, expertise and experience to respond effectively.

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