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Guard Services

Minnesota, Wisconsin private security protection specialistsNTS security specialists are experienced, trained, licensed and insured for all contract security services offered. We are committed to offering our client’s the highest quality of protective security services available, specifically designed to work within your organization’s unique culture.

We understand that identifying the right security company for your security needs can be challenging. All of our security professionals go through our comprehensive training program, preparing them to work in any given environment.

Our training process prepares our contract security force to handle both the physical and mental challenges that are presented in today’s everchanging world. As our clients face new security challenges, we quickly make necessary adjustment for site specific needs. You can count on our officers to quickly take control of any situation while also maintaining the highest level of integrity and customer service.

Our security specialists are excellent communicators. While utilizing trained methods for active listening and properly positioning themselves while speaking effectively, they precisely assess a situation, respond appropriately and diffuse those situations before they escalate.

We know that you rely on our security specialists as your first responders for emergency situations. Our specialists have been trained to respond appropriately to any given emergency situation while deploying the most effective tactics. We understand that communicating with our clients, EMS, firefighters and police regarding the details of the emergency incident or security breach are critical and must be executed in a timely fashion. Rest assured that our specialists are prepared to accomplish all tasks at hand and will put in the necessary effort for the best possible outcome.