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Home Safety & Security

At NTS, we understand that dealing with an emergency situation while in the comfort of your home can be stressful. If you are not prepared or trained to deal with an intruder, medical emergency, severe weather, fire, or other emergency situation, you’re not alone. Calling 911 is always your first step, but response times for emergency personnel have been affected in many communities due to the shortage of police officers and the unprecedented escalation of criminal activity throughout the United States.

At NTS, our team of professional security consultants are experienced and trained in conducting security assessments. We will assess your home and property, identifying vulnerabilities while developing effective plans to mitigate them.

We offer scenario-based training for the emergency situations you may encounter. We know the value and confidence it will bring to you and your family when you are prepared to implement a response plan during a time of crises.

Our assessment findings, mitigation recommendations and training will prepare you and your family for the best possible outcome during those critical minutes between the time of an incident and when first responders arrive on scene.