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Security Consulting

As you seek consulting solutions regarding security related matters, our experienced consultants are prepared to assist. Developing a security program can be a daunting task when you are not a subject matter expert. Contact NTS with confidence, knowing you have a team of professionals that are prepared to work with you and your team to identify the best solutions
for your security program.

When developing a strategic security plan, its essential to begin with a comprehensive security assessment. With the information learned, you will be better prepared to identify a course of action and we will be more prepared to identify the best security solutions for your organization and daily operations.

Having your staff trained to respond to an emergency situation within your environment, such as an active shooter, fire, severe weather, or medical emergency will prepare them for an effective and appropriate emergency response? Emergency Action Plans (EAP) ensure that everyone is on the same page when responding to emergency situations. We will develop your EAP, ensuring that you are equipped with the best response options within your operational environment.

Training is a critical component of any security plan. Your people are your greatest asset when trained and your greatest vulnerability when they’re not. At NTS, we provide training for your staff at every level, offering a wide variety of training courses, ranging from recognizing suspicious behaviors to responding to active threat situations. Our curriculum is customized to your
environment and covers all aspects of emergency response procedures.

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