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Security Consulting

Our security consulting representatives bring decades of law enforcement, military, and private sector experience to serve your organization. We are experienced and prepared to address your security needs, regardless of their complexity.

When developing a sound strategic security plan, its essential to begin with a comprehensive assessment to gain an understanding of your vulnerabilities. At NTS, we recommend beginning with a complete physical and operational security risk assessment. With the information learned, we identify mitigation solutions that make sense for your organization and daily operations.

Our consultants will develop your Emergency Action Plans (EAPs). This will ensure that your EAPs are providing you with the best solutions for working through emergency situations while aligning with risks within your operational environment.

Once your assessment and EAPs are complete, we will present our findings, accompanied with a comprehensive report, providing a roadmap to address mitigation solutions and the development of new policies and procedures.

• Addressing your specific security needs
• Conducting physical & operational security risk assessments
• Providing risk mitigation solutions
• Creating Emergency Action Plans
• Facilitating tabletop and live exercises